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Construction, building and renovation in Palma de Mallorca. Budgets and Quotes

What is ReformaM?

Is a free service, which several companies looking to suit your project or remodeling work in Mallorca. These companies offer their quotes for you to choose the one that best suits your needs. 

How ReformaM works?

1. Give us the details of the remodeling or construction services you are looking for to study the idea.
2. We look for different companies to suit your project and meet our quality policy.
3. Get your budgets and choose the most convenient in terms of quality, price and ratings from other users.

ReformaM advantages:

  1. Save money because you have several companies competing for your project.
  2. Save time, because they will contact you.
  3. Quality and reliability guaranteed by ReformaM.
  4. Maximum care of the companies because you will rate them.
  5. Personalized english service.

Example of use for "remodelate home":

  1. Click on "Budgets request".
  2. Fill out the contact form explaining how do you want to renovate your home.
  3. After few days 3 companies will contact you to asist your request.
  4. Choose the company that suits you better, depending on the service and price.
  5. Rate the companies after their work (optional).




For any problem or question send us a message:

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